Hands on with Android apps on Windows 11

Today is the day that I’ve been waiting for. Android apps are finally available to Windows 11 beta testers. The apps come via the Amazon Appstore; however, it turns out that it’s actually a carefully curated list of apps and games. There are just 50 to choose from.
Strangely, there’s a section called Editor’s Picks. So it’s a curated collection of apps to begin with, but then there are editor’s picks, but I digress.
Why Android apps on Windows 11?
When Microsoft announced this, I raced to try it out. The company promised this for Windows 11, and it got delayed past the initial launch. It’s my understanding that the delay was with the Amazon Appstore, not the Windows Subsystem for Android.
So let’s go right for the elephant in the room. Why Android apps on Windows 11? Whenever I write about the topic, it’s probably the most common question I get before people ever read the article. After all, what can you do with Android apps that you can’t do on Windows already? Almost everything ha…

Written By: Rich Woods

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/hands-on-android-apps-windows-11/

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