Here’s how the major carriers in the U.S. are doing with 5G

5G is all the rage now, with carriers trying to outdo each other using their own individual approaches. Here’s how the big three carriers stack up.
Opensignal shared its latest 5G Experience Report today, detailing how customers on all three major carriers typically experience 5G across the US.
The Opensignal report states that, in testing between June 14th and September 11th, T-Mobile averages a whopping 118.7 Mbps in download speeds when connected to its 5th generation mobile network. That’s more than double the second-place finisher, Verizon, which managed to achieve a measly (in comparison) 56 Mbps. AT&T scored slightly worse than Verizon at 51.5 Mbps.
T-Mobile again won top marks for upload speed as well, averaging 16.1 Mbps. Verizon placed a close second with 14.4 Mbps and AT&T checked in at 9.7 Mbps. T-Mobile’s network isn’t quite as large a leap over the competition in upload speed.
The Uncarrier also wins in overall availability and reach, with users spending 34.7% of their…

Written By: Victor Wright

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