HoloLens 2 users get support for moving platforms and new features with 21H2 update

All supported versions of Windows, including the newly-launched Windows 11, received cumulative updates today. However, one version of Windows is getting a new feature update, and that’s Windows Holographic. Users of Microsoft’s augmented reality headset, HoloLens 2, are getting the update to Windows Holographic version 21H2, and it includes some significant changes.
This update carries build number 20348.1432, which is an interesting number considering we haven’t seen any builds like this for either Windows 10 or Windows 11. We did get Windows 10 builds in this range prior to the Windows 11 announcement, but they were never available for general users.
It’s not as big of an update as Windows 11 was, but this is certainly a more worthwhile update than the upcoming Windows 10 version 21H2. Something similar happened with the 21H1 update, which actually introduced some UI changes and introduced the Chromium-based Edge browser. This time around, most of the new features are geared towa…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/windows-holographic-hololens-2-21h2/

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