How High-Tech Industry is Leveraging AI for Exponential Business Growth

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning is paving their way in almost all industries. Its next target is the high-tech industry. The emergence of Artificial Intelligence in the engineering and mechanical world has raised many questions. What is the scope of Artificial Intelligence in the high-tech industry? Is it a good idea to invest in AI? Will AI replace the engineers? Is it easy for Artificial intelligence to overtake all the high-tech fields?
There is no doubt that Artificial intelligence is developing rapidly. It is capable of versatile applications and has marked remarkable changes in many industries. We have the example of Google, Amazon, and Facebook algorithms in front of us. But with the current developments in AI, it cannot overtake the high-tech mechanical and engineering industry anytime soon. It may modify the traditional tools of the industry, but it is useless without the human workforce.
In this article, we have evaluated the scope of Artificial Intelligence i…

Written By: Anas Baig

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