How the Pandemic Brought Permanent Changes to Education

The disruptive effects of the pandemic have been well-publicized. Unfortunately, disruption took place across every setting, not just in supply chains and consumer buying habits. In fact, Covid has had a widespread effect in terms of bringing significant changes to education.
Many experts believe these changes to education are here to stay. However, these changes don’t spell doom and gloom for K-12 schools, trade schools, and higher education institutions.
Quite the contrary. Education hasn’t undergone sudden, evolutionary growth for several decades. Changes in education might, in fact, be a bit overdue. Yes, some aspects of education have improved due to new technologies. And yet, the basic model of learning hasn’t seen seismic movement — until now.
After more than a year of teachers, administrators, and students scrambling to exchange knowledge innovatively — and remotely — a different education path forward has emerged. Listed below are a few of the most important upheavals helpi…

Written By: Deanna Ritchie

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