How to check if Virtualization-Based Security (VBS) is enabled in Windows 11

Windows 11 is officially available to download now but there seems to be a lingering thought about the OS negatively impacting gaming performance. This largely appears to be due to Microsoft’s implementation of Virtualization-based Security (VBS). At least, that’s what UL Benchmarks, the developers of the popular 3DMark and PCMark suite of benchmarking tools, have suggested based on their testing.
VBS uses hardware virtualization features to create and isolate a secure region of memory from the normal operating system. The operating system can use it to host a number of security solutions and keep them protected from other vulnerabilities affecting the system. You can learn more about it in Microsoft’s support document. According to UL Benchmarks, VBS is negatively impacting gaming performance. They have also confirmed that the future versions of their benchmarks will come with VBS detection to help you get a better understanding. But in the meantime, here’s a quick tutorial on how …

Written By: Karthik Iyer

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