How to open the full right-click menu by default on Windows 11

After over six years of Windows 10, PC users are now getting a major Windows update with Windows 11. The latest iteration of Windows has got some of the biggest visual refreshments, with a centered Start Menu and taskbar, rounded corners, and more. As part of the UI overhaul, Microsoft also shipped a modernized right-click context menu that’s more condensed than Windows 10’s.

Many seem to have liked the new minimalistic approach, especially when you can still have the option to get your hands on the old-school expanded menu by clicking on the Show more options button at the bottom or using the Shift+F10 keyboard shortcut. Others, however, find this design super annoying, as they have to perform one additional mouse click every time they need access to additional options.
If you’re in the same boat as the latter group of people and are looking to restore the old right-click context menu on Windows 11, then this tutorial is for you. Keep in mind that Microsoft doesn’t offer an offi…

Written By: Skanda Hazarika

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