How to transfer photos from an iPhone to a Chromebook

If you use an iPhone as your personal smartphone and a Chromebook at work or school, you might want to move files between these devices. One of the most common requests is to move photos from an iPhone to a Chromebook. The new iPhone 13 models have great cameras and you’ll definitely want to sync those up for viewing on your Chrome OS device.
The good news is, there’s a few convenient options on how to transfer your photos. Depending on your level of integration with the Google ecosystem, you can choose to use cloud storage or sync directly using USB. Either way, you’ll be able to enjoy your full-resolution iPhone photos on your Chromebook. Let’s take a look at both options in more detail.
Use Google Photos for cloud syncing
If you want an easy way to get your iPhone photos on a Chromebook without the hassle, cloud syncing is your best bet. Apple and Google both have incredibly popular Photos apps. As a loyal Android and Chrome user, I’d argue that Google’s solution is the better on…

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