How to use Quick Note on macOS Monterey and iOS 15

Apple announced macOS 12 Monterey and iOS 15 back in June, during WWDC21. These updates introduce a new feature called Quick Note. If your device isn’t recent enough to receive the update, you might want to consider buying a new Mac to take advantage of the latest additions and bug fixes. If you’re new to the M1 Mac, take a look at the best apps for Apple Silicon Macs and the first 10 things to do with an M1 Mac.
So what is Quick Note, and how do you use it on macOS 12 Monterey and iOS 15?
What is Quick Note?

Quick Note allows you to access the Notes app in a small, floating window on your Mac and iPad, regardless of the app you’re using. Apple describe the feature as follows:
Notes is your go-to app to capture any thought — and with the new Quick Note feature, you can jot down ideas no matter where you are or what you’re doing on your Mac. It’s like writing a note directly on whatever app you’re working in. Add links, Safari highlights, tags, and mentions to a Quick Note, so you c…

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