iPad Mini 6 Review: The perfect powerhouse for portable productivity

Small isn’t always better – in fact, we’ve been conditioned to believe that bigger is always better. When people see a bigger screen, they assume a better camera or better photos even if the camera hardware isn’t anywhere near as good. Or when you hear of a higher processor number – or more RAM for example – it’s easy to assume that this directly translates to better. So bigger, equals better, right?

Except sometimes, bigger isn’t better. Take Apple’s event last month: there were two iPads launched. The diminutive iPad Mini 6 with its 8.3-inch screen and the iPad 9 with its larger 10.2-inch screen. You could be forgiven for assuming that the 9th generation iPad would be the better one, but in Apple’s lineup, the iPad Mini 6 is the small and mighty challenger that is arguably the best iPad for almost everybody right now.
It’s shocking to say that but I’ve gone through every iPad Pro over the past three generations and none of them have served much more than being a glorified medi…

Written By: Nirave Gondhia

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/apple-ipad-mini-6-review/

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