iPhone 13 Mini Review: The best small phone ever made

Last month’s Apple event taught us one simple thing: small is undoubtedly mighty and the iPad Mini 6, iPhone 13 Mini, and iPhone 13 Pro all follow the same model of offering the same key experience as their bigger counterparts, in a smaller more compact form factor.

best iPhone you can buy right now, offering the same features as the iPhone 13 Pro Max in a smaller form factor. Normally, this would be at the expense of battery life, but as we discovered in our iPhone 13 Pro review, the bigger battery in the iPhone 13 Pro this year results in a battery life that’s close to the iPhone 12 Pro Max from last year. The result means you can buy the smaller iPhone and save a little money – which could be used to upgrade to the 256GB variant and get the ProRes video at 4k – without compromising on a specific feature or overall longevity.
The iPhone 13 Mini follows the same philosophy as the iPhone 13 Pro: it offers all the features detailed in our iPhone 13 review, but in a much more compact…

Written By: Nirave Gondhia

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