MacBook Pro 16 (2021) Review: Apple finally does justice to Pros with the M1 Max

I think even diehard Apple loyalists would agree the company has a stubborn streak and doesn’t usually concede — remember “you’re holding it wrong”? Nothing wrong with that, not when Apple has proven time and time again to be the maker of revolutionary products that change the course of consumer tech. If I’ve made a trillion dollars doing things my way, I’d be stubborn too. But Apple’s newest high-end product, the MacBook Pro 2021 powered by new Apple silicon, is an unusual about-face for the trillion-dollar tech giant.
Essentially, almost all the high-profile changes Apple introduced with its last major MacBook design refresh in 2015 — replacing MagSafe with USB-C charging, swapping F keys for the Touch Bar, eliminating common ports like HDMI, plus that notorious “butterfly keyboard” — have been reverted back to the pre-2015 state. These new MacBook Pros, as a result, feel brand new and a throwback at the same time.
This contrast of new and old is almost all good news for consumers…

Written By: Ben Sin

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