Microsoft Edge Canary gets redesigned PWA hub to manage your apps

Microsoft Edge was recently updated for Insiders running Canary builds of the browser, and Microsoft has now highlighted one of the big changes in the latest release. Currently being tested with a subset of Microsoft Edge Canary users is a new hub for Progressive Web Apps (PWA), where users can manage the web apps they’ve installed on their PC.
The page itself isn’t new, but it’s much more user-friendly now, and everything is easier to understand and get to. The apps you currently have installed are displayed in a grid format with large icons to make them easy to identify and spot quickly. Each 0f the apps also now includes buttons with shortcuts to open the app or see details about it, in addition to an ellipsis menu allowing you to pin an app to Start or the taskbar, as well as setting the app to run when your PC starts.

Image: Microsoft

These capabilities themselves aren’t new, but the previous page didn’t make many of them apparent. You’d have to right-click an app to see any …

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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