Microsoft Edge is getting new enterprise features for Microsoft 365

Microsoft’s Edge browser is getting a handful of new features for business users with Microsoft 365. The idea is to help users “work smarter” by providing seamless context switching and other improvements. These features are rolling out over the next six months.
First off, when it comes to context switching, one of the pain points Microsoft is trying to address is having to sign in to different apps with the same account. Soon, when you receive a link in a Microsoft 365 app – such as Outlook to Teams – Edge will automatically open that link using the user profile that matches the account that received the link. This way, even if you have multiple Microsoft accounts in Edge, your links will always open in the correct profile where your passwords and logins are already saved.
Another new feature that brings together Edge and Microsoft 365 is called Shared Links, and it’s fairly straightforward. It’s a new section in the Edge history page and it gathers all the links that have been sha…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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