Microsoft shares how it’s improving meeting quality in Teams

Microsoft is taking steps to improve the call and meeting quality in Teams meetings through AI and other enhancements that help users stay in the flow of a meeting with fewer distractions. Hybrid work has been a big deal for Microsoft in the past year and a half, but we usually hear about new Teams features more so than improvements to the actual meeting quality. In a blog post today, the company is sharing “recent and upcoming” improvements to Teams, so some of these features may already be available, while others may be on the way.
First off, the company is improving audio quality with a new codec designed specifically for communication platforms like Teams and Skype. The codec itself was announced earlier this year, but it was only available for two-way calls at the time. It’s called Satin, and Microsoft says it can deliver great audio quality with a bitrate as low as 7kbps, so even if you have a spotty internet connection, you should be able to hear others and be heard clearly d…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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