Microsoft Surface Duo 2 vs Surface Duo: Which one should you buy?

Just over a year after releasing the original Surface Duo, Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Duo 2. The new dual-screen smartphone improves on many aspects of its predecessor. Most importantly, it doesn’t look dated, at least specs-wise, as the original Surface Duo looked when it finally made it to market last year. The chip powering the original Duo clearly indicated it was one year late to the party.
But what exactly is different between the two Surface Duo models, and how does the newer phone stack up against the older one?
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Surface Duo 2 vs Surface Duo: Specifications

Surface Duo 2
Surface Duo


Open: 145.2 mm (H) x 184.5 mm (W) x 5.50mm (T)
Closed : 145.2 mm (H) x 92.1 mm (W) x 11.0 mm (T at hinge)
Open: 145.2 mm (H) x 186.9 mm (W) x 4.8 mm (T)
Closed: 145.2 mm (H) x 93.3 mm (W) x 9.9 mm (T at hing…

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