New Motorola-branded smartwatch with a rounded display spotted on FCC

A new Motorola-branded watch may soon hit the market. Like last year’s Moto watch, the new smartwatch — dubbed the Moto Watch 100 — isn’t built by Motorola itself but by a Canadian company called CE Brands Inc.
According to an investor press release obtained by 9to5Google, the Canadian company will soon be launching the new Moto Watch 100 smartwatch. The watch is “designed for an entry-level price point” but provides a premium feel. The press release further reveals that the smartwatch is “scheduled to begin mass production in November 2021” though there’s no word on the exact launch date and availability.
The Moto Watch 100 will feature a round display and has two oval buttons on the right side. However, it lacks a crown similar to the Moto 360 (2020). The smartwatch was originally known as the Motorola G Smartwatch and was supposed to launch in June.

The last Motorola-branded smartwatch to launch was the Moto 360 (2020). It was made by a company called eBuyNow, which is now par…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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