NVIDIA is reportedly testing an Android TV 11 update for the SHIELD TV

In August this year, an NVIDIA staff member confirmed that the company was skipping the Android 10 update for the SHIELD TV. While at the time, the company revealed no information about a potential Android TV 11 update for the Android TV box, recent reports suggest that it’s in the works.
A deleted post on the r/nividiashield subreddit (via Android Police) suggests that NVIDIA has started beta testing a new version of NVIDIA SHEILD Experience 9.0 based on Android TV 11. A cached version of the post reveals that the update doesn’t seem to look noticeably different compared to the Android TV 9 release, but it likely has several under-the-hood changes.

The Reddit user who made the original post also confirmed that they had received the update after enrolling in NVIDIA’s closed beta testing program. However, the post and the user’s account have since been deleted. A different user in the comments reveals that NVIDIA imposed a confidentiality agreement on beta testers, which seems to be…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/nvidia-testing-android-tv-11-update-shield-tv/

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