Personal SEO: How to Boost Your Own Ranking

It used to be a bit narcissistic to put your own name into a search engine to see what appeared. Googling yourself was once a dirty secret — almost as sinful as Googling another person. Like a potential date, a new contact, a colleague, or a potential employee. But it’s no longer considered ‘stalking’ to look someone up on Google or Facebook.
We’re all curious about each other’s online personas. The internet can give us valuable insights into the people we want to know more about, and it’s ok to indulge that curiosity. After all, one of the critical aspects of dealing with any new employee or supplier is doing research. Research means “Google.”
Ready to find out what other people can learn about you by searching for you online?
Go on — Google yourself.
That’s your digital personal brand.
How did the results make you feel? Were you the first ‘you’ that appeared in search results? Were you 100% happy with everything that the first page of search listings had to say about you?
If the a…

Written By: Grace Lau

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