Pixel 6 camera will improve skin tones in photos with ‘Real Tone’

One of the challenges with photography, especially with smartphones, is light balance with skin tones. For example, someone with darker skin might be washed out if they are standing behind a bright sky. That’s one area Google is focusing on with the Pixel 6, and the company talked about its new ‘Real Tone’ feature today that aims to address common problems with skin tones in photos.
“Building better tools for a community works best when they’re built with the community,” Google said in its blog post. “For the new Pixel 6 Camera, we partnered with a diverse range of renowned image makers who are celebrated for their beautiful and accurate depictions of communities of color—including Kira Kelly, Deun Ivory, Adrienne Raquel, Kristian Mercado, Zuly Garcia, Shayan Asgharnia, Natacha Ikoli and more—to help our teams understand where we needed to do better.”
The new Real Tone functionality uses an updated face detection algorithm, which can recognize more diverse faces in a wider array of …

Written By: Corbin Davenport

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/pixel-6-camera-will-improve-skin-tones-in-photos-with-real-tone/

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