PSA: Watch out for this spam text; T-Mobile is not giving you a $100 free gift

T-Mobile’s recent data breach might be coming back to bite them once again, as a number of posts on the T-Mobile subreddit indicate a massive spam text campaign is under way.
A spam SMS text making the rounds with customers on the Uncarrier network purports to be offering a “$100 free gift”. The image, embedded below, claims that it’s an official apology for a phone outage that affected 25,000 customers.

The image itself is complete with typos like “appologize” and “tempoary”. It even omits the hyphen from “Tmobile”. A link is sent separately after the image that supposedly leads to a “30 second survey” to claim the gift. The domains of the links appear to be different on each example of the spam text shared on the T-Mobile subreddit, as well as the numbers the message is sent from.
T-Mobile was rocked by a major data breach back in August, leaking tons of customer data including phone numbers. It’s very likely this data was purchased to be used for such coordinated spam attacks.

Written By: Victor Wright

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