Say goodbye to blurry photos with Face Unblur on the Pixel 6

After months of leaks and speculations, Google has finally officially launched the Pixel 6 and the Pixel 6 Pro today. The Pixel 6 series marks Google’s re-entry into the flagship phones category and comes with some compelling specifications — the new Tensor chip designed by Google, refreshed camera hardware, a modern design, and all the software Goodness from Google. Speaking of software, one such feature that’s been introduced with the Pixel 6 series is Face Unblur. Google’s computational photography algorithms have always managed to impress us, and Face Unblur is no different. As the name suggests, it’s a new feature on the Pixel 6 that aims to fix blurry faces in your photos.
It’s common to have photos with a blurry subject. If the lighting isn’t great or if you’ve shaken your hands while capturing the image, you end up with a blurry photo which can be disappointing. With the Pixel 6, though, you no longer have to be worried about people or faces in your pictures being blurred th…

Written By: Sumukh Rao

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