Sentons unveils new SDSWave processor and a gesture engine for wearables

On Wednesday, Sentons, the US-based semiconductor company specializing in developing ultra-sonic sensors and software-based solutions, announced a new ultra-low-power processor and a gesture engine for wearables. The new SDSWave (SNT8250) processor and the gesture engine aim to offer a customizable, ergonomic user experience on tiny surfaces of wearables.
Sentons says its new SDWave wearable solutions can turn the entire device into a force-sensitive touch interface that’s able to register and distinguish gestures at different speeds and pressure levels.

The solution also works well on curved displays and wet surfaces. Sentons says the processor and gesture engine can be used in various wearables, including smartwatches, smart glasses, earbuds, fitness trackers, and so on.
“We’re excited to finally bring a solution to market that allows device designers to make use of even the tiniest surface to make it touch and force interactive. This outdoor and water-immune interactivity unlock…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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