Smartphones are getting boring every year, and that’s good for you

If there’s one thing that the recent release of the iPhone 13 series highlighted for me, it’s that yearly phone upgrades are slowing down. Gone are the days of major year-on-year innovation — instead, each year in smartphones is more or less a pledge to stability with one or two smaller changes or improvements. The iPhone 12 vs the iPhone 13? The Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra vs the Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra? There’s barely a difference when compared to their predecessors, and it can be argued that we’ve reached a point where these iterative upgrades add lesser and lesser value to the overall experience of a smartphone.

This could literally be any one among the hundreds of smartphones released in the past 3 years

We often see the stagnation in smartphone development drawn attention to whenever public discussion sways towards calling smartphones “boring”. “Smartphones aren’t getting boring” I hear you cry, and the proliferation of foldable smartphones like the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 3 are…

Written By: Adam Conway

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