T-Mobile delays Sprint CDMA shutdown yet again

It seems not everyone is ready for change when it comes to legacy network shutdowns, as T-Mobile has announced they are delaying the Sprint CDMA shutdown once again. This isn’t the first time the legacy network shutdowns have been delayed. Just last month, T-Mobile shared that its own 3G UMTS network shutdown would not be until July 1st.
The announcement, shared in the Business section of T-Mobile’s newsroom website, states that the 3G CDMA network will live for another three months, extending from the original December of this year to March of 2022. The date on T-Mobile’s “Network Evolution” support document has also been updated with this new date.
T-Mobile doesn’t mince words on blame, either. The company says it’s on “partners” who have not “followed through on their responsibility to help customers through this shift.” Clearly, this is a jab at Dish, who has repeatedly accused T-Mobile of anti-competitive behavior over the CDMA network shutdown.
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Written By: Victor Wright

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/t-mobile-delays-sprint-cdma-shutdown-yet-again/

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