Tasker’s latest beta adds an option to run exit tasks on reboot

Popular automation app Tasker is receiving a new update on the beta channel. The latest update brings a new feature that addresses an annoying issue that some of you might have faced when your phone rebooted unexpectedly.
If you’re using the latest stable Tasker release, you might have noticed an issue when your phone unexpectedly reboots. Tasker fails to run exit tasks if the conditions at the time of your phone turning off are not the same as when it turns on. Tasker developer João Dias has added a new feature called “Run Exit Task on Startup” in the latest beta release to address this.

As its name suggests, the feature forces the app to run exit tasks after a reboot, even if the conditions are not met. Check out the attached video to see it in action.
Along with this new feature, the latest Tasker beta update makes sharing projects, profiles, and tasks publicly a whole lot easier. It also brings changes to scenes on the status/navigation bar and lock screen, along with a host of…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/tasket-beta-run-exit-tasks-reboot/

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