The AIRROBO T10+ is a Robot Vacuum/Mop that Self-Empties

Keeping your floors clean can seem like a neverending task at times. Dust accumulation, spills, pets, and people can quickly turn a freshly mopped floor into a disaster again. Because of this, having a broom, mop, and vacuum nearby seems like can seem like the only solution. But now you can offload all of these chores onto a much easier system, with the AIRROBO T10+.
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The AIRROBO T10+ is an LDS laser navigation and automated dirt disposal vacuum. Combing the latest robot vacuum technologies with a new self-charging dock that doubles as a dirt collection station, the T10+ is a full-solution cleaning bot. Sweep and mop your floors with smart voice controls, or set schedules for cleaning at the most convenient time.
The vacuum is laser navigated, which gives you the most accurate and holistic SLAM mapp…

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