The first games to support Android 12’s Game Mode are rolling out

One of the areas that has seen the most improvement in the Android 12 update is gaming. Gaming has been such a large focus for Google this iteration that the company even dedicated a showcase to new gaming features for Android 12 at the Google for Games Developer Summit. Apart from “play as you download“, a feature that gets you in-game faster by downloading large assets in the background, Android 12 also adds the Game Dashboard. The Game Dashboard provides quick access to a handful of useful tools, as well as widgets for streaming to YouTube Live, showing achievements from Google Play Games, and changing the performance profile. Until recently, it wasn’t possible to change the performance profile for any game, because the game had to add support for Android 12’s Game Mode API. Now, however, the first games to support said API are starting to roll out.
Earlier today, we noticed that select games now support the Game Mode API. We noticed this because it finally became possible to cha…

Written By: Mishaal Rahman

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