The Future of the Software Developer Role

Software developers have been one of the most challenging jobs to fill in the U.S. for nearly ten years, so it’s no surprise that the developer shortage is set to escalate, with new figures showing a 35% shortfall by 2025.
With analysts predicting that as much as 90% of organizations will be going digital and deploying robotic process automation (RPA) by the end of 2022, this talent gap can significantly impact operational efforts, hiring processes, and growth efforts in every industry.
According to one study, it takes 50% longer to hire talent for tech roles than other positions, and, on average, it takes 66 days to hire the right fit.
IT leaders must figure out how to handle developer talent challenges to ensure their intelligent automation initiatives are not stalled or derailed.
What are software developers, and why is there a shortage?
Software developers are the masterminds behind computer programs and systems. In the realm of intelligent automation, they integrate and manage …

Written By: Bruce Orcutt

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