The Future of Work Demands Software-Defined Storage

As the global workplace evolves with the uncertain future of work, so does the enterprise storage infrastructure. With business happening anywhere and at any time, business data needs to be agile and always available. Legacy storage hardware simply cannot keep up. So if you’re looking to build for the future of work, software-defined storage is the only way to go.
Here’s what the storage infrastructure for the future of work needs and why software-defined storage is the best way to build it.
What to expect when building a storage infrastructure for the future of work
Regardless of the state of the future of work, here are five things your storage infrastructure needs to account for to be truly future-proof:
Business data should be highly available
Leaving aside the “where” and “when,” business data should be readily available. Customers don’t like to wait. Delays hurt business and reputation.
If your customers, or DevOps, have to wait for you to find a way to access data, it will hu…

Written By: K. M. Umair

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