These are the Best Cases for the iPad Mini 6: Spigen, Ivsotek, and more!

Apple announced the iPad Mini 6, along with the iPhone 13 lineup and iPad 9th Gen during its California Streaming event. This new iPad Mini comes with a complete redesign, inspired by that of the recent iPad Pro, in addition to new colors. It has no physical home button and moves the Touch ID scanner to the power button. If you haven’t yet bought it, do check out the best iPad Mini 6 deals.
A compact yet powerful slab deserves to remain as shiny as the day you bought it. Scratches and cracks would simply ruin its clean aesthetic. So we have compiled for you a list of the best iPad Mini 6 cases to help minimize the damage in potential accidents.
Some of these cases, such as the rugged ones, can deter more damage, while other ones offer weaker protection to retain a minimalistic, clean design. What you sacrifice for the sake of the other aspect is up to you. However, you should be able to find balance between both characteristics in some of the cases we are listing below. Ultimately, …

Written By: Mahmoud Itani

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