These are the best CPUs you can buy in 2021

Sometimes choosing the right CPU can be just as hard as picking the other core components of a PC. But unlike graphics cards, you can easily buy the best CPUs right now. Almost all models from both AMD and Intel are readily available on the market, that too for the MSRP. You may even snag a discount if the timing is right, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you should pick up anything on sale.
Choosing the right processor is the most crucial step of the PC building process. Even though it boils down to only two manufacturers — Intel or AMD — you still have to comb through dozens of SKUs. Additionally, there are other factors to consider like the CPU’s overclocking potential, your primary workload, etc. Your options will also vary depending on whether you’re planning a new build or upgrading an existing one.
To make it easier for you to choose, we’ve decided to make a compressive collection of the best CPUs to buy right now.
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Best CPU overall: AMD Ryzen 5 5600X

Written By: Karthik Iyer

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