These are the Best Thunderbolt 4 laptops for Holiday 2021

Thunderbolt has become an increasingly common feature in laptops over the last few years. Since the introduction of Thunderbolt 3, which uses the familiar USB Type-C connector, many more laptops have been adopting this feature. And with Thunderbolt 4, the experience has been standardized so every Thunderbolt laptop offers the best speeds promised in Thunderbolt 3.
Thunderbolt is a proprietary connection interface developed by Intel, and is popular due to its very high data rates compared to normal USB. With Thunderbolt 4, it becomes possible to connect lots of USB peripherals at their full speed, use external displays, or even connect external GPUs using enclosures like the Razer Core X. It’s an interface that makes laptops far more versatile, and because of that, most premium laptops now have it.

Image: Intel

As such, we’ve rounded up the best laptops with Thunderbolt 4 ports in case you’re looking to expand your setup now or in the future. Because this is Intel proprietary techn…

Written By: Kunal Khullar

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