These are the best Windows tablets this holiday season

As we approach the holiday season, many of us are starting to think about what gifts to get for ourselves or loved ones this year. To help out, we’ve already rounded up some of the best laptops you can buy this holiday, but what if you specifically want a tablet? Windows tablets aren’t all that common, and for a while, the experience with them wasn’t the best. But with Windows 11 out in the wild, some improvements have been made to make touchscreens more fun.
You can swipe in from the left to see widgets and news about your interests, swipe in from the right to see your notifications, and the context menus in many parts of Windows have been made more touch-friendly. The touch keyboard has been spruced up, too, and you can actually use themes on it now. It all adds up to a more pleasant experience than we had with Windows 10, and you can learn all about that in our Windows 11 review.
For now, though, we’re going to focus on the best Windows tablets you can buy this holiday to make us…

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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