These are the known issues in the initial Windows 11 release

Today, Microsoft released Windows 11 after months of testing. The company is taking a ‘follow the sun’ approach to the release, so it’s going to be out where you live, whenever it’s October 5 there. And even after that, it’s going to be a slow, staged rollout that will last until mid-2022. Basically, the newer your PC is, the sooner you’re going to be offered the new OS. But as always, Windows 11 has some known issues to be aware of.
After all, you might be inclined to force the update, something that’s totally within your rights to do. You might already be running Windows 11 through the Windows Insider Program, or you might go and upgrade your PC via the Media Creation Tool. Whatever reason you’re on it so early, just remember that every new feature update has some known issues that might be blocking your upgrade, and Windows 11 is no different.
These are the known issues in Windows 11:
Compatibility issues have been found between Oracle VirtualBox and Windows 11
Compatibility issu…

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