Tile Ultra will bring UWB tracking to both Android and iOS

Tile is taking on Samsung and Apple with its latest tracking tag — the Tile Ultra. Tile claims that it’s the first tracking tag to offer UWB support on both Android and iOS, which should give it an edge over the competition. In case you weren’t aware, Samsung’s SmartTag+ doesn’t work with iOS devices and you can’t use Apple’s AirTags with an Android phone. This makes them a poor choice for those who use both Android and iOS products. Tile aims to address this with the new Tile Ultra.
The Tile Ultra will offer both Bluetooth and Ultra-Wideband support on iOS and Android, enabling advanced features like Point and Locate finding. The feature will essentially work like the Precision Finding feature on AirTags, allowing you to use AR to find the tracker using the Tile companion app. Tile says that it’s working with Google to ensure an optimal tracking experience on Android 12 and UWB-supported devices.

“Google is committed to making Android phones, and all the devices connected to them,…

Written By: Pranob Mehrotra

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/tile-ultra-announced/

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