Today only: SanDisk SD cards, SSDs, flash drives, and more are on sale

Western Digital sells a ton of storage devices, including SD cards and SSDs, sometimes under its SanDisk brand. Today the company has discounted several of its storage products on Amazon in a daily deal promotion, ranging from 18-52% off per device. No matter if you need more room on your Nintendo Switch, or you’re in the middle of building a PC, there are some decent sales worth taking a look at.
Several SD cards are on sale, including the SanDisk 256GB A2 microSD, a 256GB A1 microSD, and a 256GB full-size SD card. There are also a few internal and external SSDs, USB Type-C and Lightning flash drives, and traditional hard drives. The standout deal appears to be the 256GB SanDisk Extreme card for $35, not only because it’s a faster A2-class microSD, but also because it has never been cheaper on Amazon.
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Written By: Corbin Davenport

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