Top 20 Customer Service Speakers to Hire for Your Next Event

Customer service happens at every step of the customer’s journey. It is a skill that is essential from the moment a customer feels the need for your product or service — to after the sale is made. 
Learning and reinforcing customer service lessons are valuable for leaders as well as employees across all departments. Customer service experts and keynote speakers are your organization’s resources for impactful presentations and training. 
Here are the top 20 customer service keynote speakers in the industry right now. 
Shep Hyken 

Shep Hyken is recognized as one of the world’s leading customer service experts. He is the chief amazement officer of Shepard Presentations. This company helps organizations develop customer service strategies that amaze and inspire customer loyalty through live customer service keynote speeches and virtual events. Shep’s weekly articles and blog posts, YouTube videos, Amazing Business Radio podcast, among other resources, help his followers and clients dev…

Written By: Brad Anderson

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