Venture Capital Funding Mistakes in Tech

Venture Capital funding is the holy grail for many startups. It turns dreams into reality. It also provides a runway for young companies that want to scale. However, securing funding is complex and precarious when growing a business. Finding VC support is rife with false starts, pullouts, and miscommunications, especially for inexperienced entrepreneurs. It’s a cutthroat world. Without expert guidance, Venture Capital funding mistakes can ruin a burgeoning organization. But get it right, and it sets a company on the right path to success.
As a former top Wall Street tech analyst and the founder of two Indian unicorns (online marketplace ShopClues and automobile marketplace Droom), I know these funding pitfalls well. I witnessed many of these pitfalls — and they happened to me.
Firsthand Funding Mistakes in Tech
There is no replacement for firsthand experience. But I also could have avoided some Venture Capital funding mistakes if I had known about them beforehand. So here I’ve creat…

Written By: Sandeep Aggarwal

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