Voice-Activated Technology Must Advance to Support Hybrid Workplaces

The pandemic altered everything about people’s lives, including how they interact with voice technology. The Smart Audio Report from NPR reveals that more people use their smart devices daily; the number of people using voice commands at least once per day increased by 6 percentage points from December 2019 to April 2020.
Before COVID-19, many workers were outside of their homes for eight hours or more. They didn’t have access to their smart devices, and they generally felt more comfortable using voice commands in private. But the shift to remote work meant more time at home and more opportunities to explore the technology.
This trend toward voice-activated tech shows no signs of stopping. More than 50% of employees would like to keep telecommuting, and about 25% want a mix of in-person and remote work, according to a study by Office Depot. As the routines people formed over the past year become firmly cemented, smart speakers and voice assistants will become mainstays of hybrid wor…

Written By: David Ciccarelli

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/10/12/voice-activated-technology-must-advance-to-support-hybrid-workplaces/

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