Want to import a phone to the U.S.? Here’s why you should reconsider

It seems like every time someone in the United States reviews a phone, half of the comments on the article, video, whatever, will be about how expensive the phone is. They’ll say something like “in Europe, no one would buy this phone. We can get a Xiaomi that does the same stuff for half the price!”
And they’re right. The phone market in the United States is not good. We pay way too much for even our high-end devices, and the low-end and mid-range phone markets are even worse. With how bad value-for-price is in the U.S., you might consider if you want to import a phone from overseas instead. After all, they’re cheaper, right? And they do so much more than similarly priced options in the U.S.
Unfortunately, it isn’t always a good idea to import a phone to the U.S. Here’s why.
The problem with logistics
First up, let’s talk import logistics: What it takes to get a phone from point A to point B. There’s a lot involved here, especially if the phone is crossing national borders. Differen…

Written By: Zachary Wander

Original Article: https://www.xda-developers.com/dont-import-phones-to-the-us/

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