Why Controversy Is So Rewarding Online (and Is There a Different Way Forward?)

Have you noticed that most content creators, marketers, and other online personalities like to generate controversy? They make a debatable claim, take a strong political stance, or even personally attack another personality – and then watch as their viewers and readers fight it out in the comments.
Even mainstream news organizations have capitalized on this trend, sacrificing accuracy (and sometimes, journalistic integrity) to make their readership outraged on purpose – or at least “stir the pot” with controversial claims.
It’s no secret that controversy sells. But why is controversy such a powerful instrument online? And, assuming controversy is as unhealthy as it feels, is there a different way forward?
The Gifts of Controversy
The power of controversy comes from many overlapping factors.
For example:
        Differentiation. The web is packed full of content, with new posts and videos published on a constant basis – yet 75 percent of published content gets 0 external links. In o…

Written By: Nate Nead

Original Article: https://readwrite.com/2021/10/11/why-controversy-is-so-rewarding-online-and-is-there-a-different-way-forward/

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