Windows 11 is now generally available – here’s how to get it right now

Today, Microsoft announced that Windows 11 is generally available, so depending where you are, you can get it now. It might seem a bit early, but the company is taking a different approach to the rollout than usual. Instead of releasing at 10am Pacific Time, the new OS is going to roll out to you when it becomes October 5 in your time zone.
There’s a whole lot that’s new in Windows 11. It has an entirely new design, with a centered Start Menu and taskbar, rounded corners, and more. Live Tiles are gone too, as you’ll now just see icons in the Start Menu. It also comes with a new Widgets panel that replaces News and Interests, and all-new inbox apps.
By now, you probably know all of that. You’re probably just wondering how you can get Microsoft’s latest operating system right now.
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Written By: Rich Woods

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