Windows 11 only allows admins to print in certain situations

It’s now been a couple of weeks since Windows 11 launched, and as you may know, it came with a few known issues. One of those issues affects AMD processors, reducing the performance of the L3 cache in those CPUs. Many known issues in the initial Windows 11 release have been fixed with a recent cumulative update for Windows Insiders, but there’s one known issue that has still slipped through the cracks. As noted on a Microsoft support page (via BleepingComputer), there may be certain situations where only administrators of a PC are allowed to print documents on Windows 11.
To be fair, the issue will likely only affect a subset of users. What happens is, when printing documents using a print server, users may be asked for administrator permissions every time they attempt to print using Windows 11. This only happens when using a print server that’s in a different time zone from that of the PC itself, so it won’t be a major problem for most. Regardless, if you happen to be affected, it …

Written By: João Carrasqueira

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