Windows 11 review: Fixing the wrongs of the past decade

After three months in preview, Windows 11 is finally available. There’s a lot that’s new. It’s got the biggest visual overhaul in ages, and then it comes with new features like Widgets, Teams Chat, Snap Layouts, and much more.
Now, the question is, should you upgrade your PC? My answer is going to be a hard yes. In my opinion, Windows 11 is a winner, and Microsoft is finally ditching some bad UI choices that it’s been living with for about a decade.
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But can you upgrade to Windows 11?
Windows 11 redesigns the OOBE
A new Start Menu, rounded corners, and an all-new Windows 11 design
Snap Layouts and Snap Groups
Widgets are back in Windows 11, but they’re first-party for now
Teams Chat puts the service in the OS, but it needs some serious work
There’s an all-new Microsoft Store for Windows 11, and for Windows 10 too
Windows 11 comes with all-new inbox apps
The Touch Keyboard is prettier
Windows 11 gives much-needed love to Windows on ARM
Conclusion: Windows 11 is a…

Written By: Rich Woods

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