Xperia Open Devices adds AOSP build instructions for Android 12

Sony is counted among the better contributors to the Android Open Source Project, with a lot of code contributions through the years. Sony also runs and maintains its own Xperia Open Devices program, making it easy for developers to tinker with AOSP on their recent Sony devices. With Android 12 now being released to the public, Sony has added AOSP build instructions for Android 12 to Xperia Open Devices.
Sony releases device trees, kernel trees, binaries, and build instruction to compile AOSP for all the devices in the program. These releases have been happening since a few years now, and the resources have now been updated for Android 12. With these Android 12 compatible binaries and the step-by-step guide to AOSP 12.0 for select Xperia devices, developers and expert users now have the tools to tinker with the latest platform.
Build AOSP Android 12 for Sony Xperia Devices
To get started, you’ll need to have access to a suitable build environment so that you can compile the AOSP bui…

Written By: Aamir Siddiqui

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