You can now buy Google’s new indoor Nest Cam

Google announced a bunch of new products in its Nest line-up earlier this year, including a wireless doorbell, the Nest Cam, the Nest Cam (battery), and the Nest Cam with floodlight. While the Nest Cam (battery) and Nest Doorbell (battery) went on sale shortly after the announcement, Google didn’t share a definite launch timeline for the other two Nest cameras. Two months after the announcement, you can now finally buy the new wired Nest Cam and Nest Cam with floodlight.
In a recent blog post, Google announced that the second-gen wired Nest Cam and the Nest Cam with floodlight are available for purchase in various colorways starting today. The second-gen model without the floodlight is meant to be used indoors, and it’s designed to be kept on a tabletop or mounted to a wall, which is why it even has a new variant with a wooden base that blends in with your furniture.

The Nest Cam with floodlight is nothing but a second-gen wired Nest Cam with lights on either side to illuminate the…

Written By: Sumukh Rao

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