You can now continue watching YouTube videos from your phone on your computer

Google has been testing several new features for YouTube of late, including Google Assistant integration for relevant topic suggestions and the ability to download videos on the web. Last month, Google also rolled out picture-in-picture for YouTube on iOS. The company is now rolling out a new feature on its website that lets you seamlessly transition from your phone to your desktop.

Image: 9to5Google

With this new feature, if you start watching a video on your Android/iOS smartphone but exit the YouTube app before completing it, you will now see the unfinished video in the mini player on the bottom of your screen the next time you open YouTube on the web. As per a recent report from 9to5Google, the mini player will show the video you were watching earlier accompanied by the text Continue watching. If you choose to play the video, it will resume from where you left it on your smartphone. The resumed video will play in the mini player itself, but you can click the small expand icon …

Written By: Sumukh Rao

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