You can now transfer WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Pixels and Android 12 devices

It’s about time. A functionality that WhatsApp users have been asking for for years is now finally a reality: being able to transfer WhatsApp chats from iOS to Android. While Samsung Galaxy users have had this feature for a couple of months now, Google and WhatsApp have teamed up to expand it to more Android users.
In a blog post on Tuesday, Google announced that the newly announced Pixel 6 series and all existing Pixel phones now support migrating WhatsApp chat history from an iPhone. Google says the feature won’t be limited to Samsung and Pixel devices and will be available on every new phone launching with Android 12. It’s unclear whether the migration tool will also be available on devices upgrading from Android 11 to Android 12.

The transfer process involves connecting your iPhone and Android phone over a Lighting to USB-C cable. Google mentions that users will be prompted to scan a QR code on their iPhone while setting up their new Android phone to move over all WhatsApp chat…

Written By: Kishan Vyas

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