You might be able to listen to Apple Music on a PlayStation 5 soon

The PlayStation 5 is a pretty difficult games console to get a hold of, but it’s packed full of features. A favorite feature of many gamers is Spotify integration so that you can listen to music in supported games while you play, or even just listen to music while doing something else. There’s a stark lack of other services though if you want to listen to music. There’s no TIDAL, there’s no Deezer, and until recently, there was no Apple Music. That might be changing though, as it seems that Apple Music might be coming to the PlayStation 5 soon.

A user on the /r/AppleMusic subreddit (via The Verge) spotted the inclusion of an Apple Music setup button when making a new account on a PlayStation 5. The button didn’t work, however, and selecting it brought up a prompt stating “This app is playable only on PS4.” Eurogamer also tried to make the Apple Music account linking option appear on their PlayStation 5 and managed to trigger it by changing their console region to the U.S. When they…

Written By: Adam Conway

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